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Level 1:
Ng Lun Ma (Five Wheel Stance)
10 elements
10 lines of attack
5 kicks of CLF

Level 2:
Ng Lun Choi (Five Wheel Fist)
Pendulum Drills
-Kum to Chop
-Poon-Kiu to Chop
-Chuen-Kiu to Chuen-Sum-Chue

Level 3:
Siu Ching Kuen (Youth Fist)
Pendulum Drills
-Chuen-Na to Chop
-Chuen-Sum-Chue to Kwan-Kiu
-Yum Chop Gwa Chue to Gaan-Sau Chuen-Kiu
-Yerng Chop Yum Chop to Chuen-Kiu Gaan-Sau
Free Flow Chop Chue Drill Level 1 (sparring)

Level 1:
Siu Mui Fa Kuen(Small Plum Blossom)
Asterisk Stepping Pattern

Level 2:
Siu Miu Fa Dui Chak (two person empty handed fighting form)
Free Flow Chop Chue Drill (level two)

Level 3:
Lohan Fist (Hop Gar - empty hand form)
Feed Drills
Counter 1 - Poon-Kiu to Sau-Chue
Counter 2- Poon-Kiu to Pow-Chue
Counter 3- Dat-Chue to Biu-Jong
Counter 4- Cheen-Gee
Counter 5 - Back Fist to Tiger Claw to Pak-Chue
Counter 6 - Fun-Fa Sau to Yum Chop
Free Flow Chop Chue Drill (level three) using all previously drilled concepts and techniques

*Instructor Level 1–Apprentice Instructor-(optional test)

Level 1:
Wooden Dummy Combinations 1-3
Ng Lung Baat Qwa Gwun (5th brother 8 triagram staff form)
Static sweep and reap throwing drill
-Chang to Tan
-Figure 10 invasion step-push
-Biu-Jong invasion

Level 2:
Wooden Dummy Combination 4
Mui Fa Don Dao (single broadsword form)
Live sweep and reap throwing drill

Level 3:
Siu Kow Da (small lock hit form)
Mui Fa Cheung (spear form)

Level 4:
Dai Khow Da Kuen (large lock hit hand form)
Che Seen Kuen (Hop Gar - empty hand forms)
Na bridge control drills

*Instructor Level 2 –Senior Instructor- (optional test)

Level 1:
Hon Jerng Lin Wan Kuen (Continous attack form)
Serng Sap jai (Double Daggers)
Chin-Na Techniques and Concepts

Level 2:
Hung Jia Pang (Monkey King staff form)
Hung Jia Pang Dui Chak (two person weapon sparring drills)

Level 3:
Fut Jerng (Buddhist Palm form)
Wu Dip Serng Dao (double butterfly blades)
Chin-Na drills
2-person standing Lock Flow Drill
2-person Isolation Destruction Drill

Level 4:
Dai Dao (Big blade)
Mui Fa Sherng Do (plum blossom double broadswords)

Level 5:
Review of all previously covered concepts and principles
Having working knowledge of the history of Hung Sing Choy Lay Fut

*Instructor Level 3 –Full Instructor- (optional test)

Additional material for full instructors
Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Curriculum
Lion Dance
Student Resources
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